Our mission is to help privately-held, Small and Mid-Size Companies to grow to their full potential. We specialize in providing turnaround coaching, growth and consolidation expertise in combination with persistent, long-term engagement from our network of experts and investors.

How We Can Help You Grow Or Return to Profitability? We work closely with business owners to create and execute solutions tailored to their specific needs. Our team and investors are experienced business executives and entrepreneurs who intimately understand the challenges and opportunities of running a business.

Our Approach. We adopt a long-term strategy designed to maximize and leverage on the existing business core strengths partnering with its incumbent management or together with the founder/owner of businesses where we add our expertise to accelerate value creation. We focus on companies with revenues from CHF 0,5 million to CHF 25 million annually positioned in the services and/or industrial markets seeking growth capital or turnaround expertise.

Why Companies Choose To Work With Us? When we invest with you we know that you invest with us too, we see it as a mutual commitment with the goal to primarily benefit your Firm. Ultimately, you decide which opportunities we present you deem worthy of exploring and which ones you’d rather leave on the table. Unlike private equity funds, there are no upfront payments to us, inflated fees, or hidden charges. We strive to offer clear and viable solutions and work with you to reach the intended targets and market goals.

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